Kitty-proof Window Screens

My Disciples,

Disciple of Otis Anna recently asked for some tips and tricks to help keep her cat at home.  Anna does not intentionally let her kitty roam free, but the kitty has has been tearing through window screens to escape the house.  Although there are window screens available that are advertised as “pet resistant”, if you really want to ensure that kitty can’t tear his or her way to freedom, I would recommend doing away with screens altogether and using wire or hardware cloth in your windows.

Although The Brothers and I are not window screen tearers (well, Brother Henry did it by accident once when he was going after a fly), the Guardians created a custom, wire window insert for the window in Kitty Valhalla.  That window is the highest one in the house, so the Guardians didn’t want to take any chances that we might fall out of it.  They made the “safety window” with wood, wire and screws that they got at a place they called “Home Depot.”  A picture of it is below.

Safety Window

The wire and wood "safety window" that the Guardians built for Kitty Valhalla is very secure.

Since window tearers are likely to look for other means of escape once the windows are secured, I would recommend taking a look at the information in My past blog post titled:  The Dilemma of the Door Dashers.  One more thing I would recommend to help calm down a high-strung, indoor kitty is to try using a Feliway diffuser.  The Guardians used one of these when I was making the transition from Limbo into The Promised Land.  It really helped Me to calm down and feel safe.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on keeping your kitty safely contained.  Some of us will test our boundaries, and I know we can try your patience by yowling loudly to be let outside, but you are our Guardians!  It is up to you to set the boundaries and keep us safe.  You would not let a two year old child run around unsupervised outside, no matter how badly he or she wanted to.  You should not let your cat do so either.

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9 responses to “Kitty-proof Window Screens

  1. Leader, I’ve got to ask. Do you know why it is that other cats such as yourself would actually want to tear apart a window screen in order to get outside; into the rain and snow (… I live in Ohio, where this is pretty much always the case)? It seems to me they would be very happy staying inside.

    • All of us are individuals Joshua, so it’s hard to say why some of us are motivated to claw our way outside while others are not. When I was first making the transition from the wilderness to The Promised Land, I would panic every time a door was closed behind Me. Fortunately, the Guardians had created My secure Outdoor Domain in which I could live while making the transition. If I hadn’t had that, I don’t know if I would have been able to make it all the way inside.

      In general, the more enrichment, love and attention a cat has, the less likely they will be to become “stir crazy”. In some cases though, even the best cared for cat will still need some time outside. As long as the outside time is spent on a lead or in a secure enclosure, kitties needs can still be met safely.

  2. Please be careful with hardware cloth. Unless they have changed the way it is made, the grids of wire are held together by lead. I had a kitten die from being in an enclosure made of hardware cloth.

  3. Batya

    Well said, Leader Otis. The kitty-proof window screens the Guardians made are very good-looking. I didn’t want to find out if my cats where window screen tearers or not–I HAD to make the screens more secure. But despite having opposable thumbs, I’m not very good with tools. I bought the largest cookie-cooling racks I could find (using two smaller ones wired together also works) and simply nailed them in place over the existing screens. Worked very well for the size of window I have. Whatever it takes to keep cats safely indoors.

  4. Great! Thanks a lot, Otis! 🙂 This post has been very helpful. I will keep all this in mind and put into practice. I’ve even read about the door dashers post. Although my cat isn’t really one of those (as he favors the window), it still helped. Thanks again! I think posts like this are excellent! 🙂

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