The Leader Is Pooped

Brother Henry

Brother Henry

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.  The Leader asked me to wake Him up this morning when the sun came up so He could compose today’s blog post.  I always try to follow His commands to the best of my ability, but…well…I just couldn’t do it this morning.  You see, He is such an important kitty, and has so many cares and worries, that sometimes it all becomes overwhelming for Him.  When He sleeps, He is often startled awake by nightmares about both the time He spent in the wilderness as a kitten and about the time that so many other kitties are spending in the wilderness and in Limbo right now.  So, when I went to wake Him up this morning and found Him in the deepest sleep He has managed in several weeks, I just couldn’t bring Myself to disturb Him.

Otis asleep with His tongue lolling out.

The Leader was so pooped He fell into a deep slumber. I just couldn't bring myself to wake Him!

Yes, The Leader is completely pooped.  He desperately needs this sleep, so I’m going to go guard Him as He rests to make sure no one does anything to disturb Him.  I’m not sure how long He will need to sleep, so I have alerted Brother Oliver that he is on standby in case he needs to fill in on blogging duties tomorrow.  Please join Me in purring that The Leader has sweet dreams and awakes refreshed, energized and once again ready to spread The Good Word to all who will listen.

So Says Brother Henry

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5 responses to “The Leader Is Pooped

  1. 2 cats

    brother Henry you are a very thoughtful kitty and leader Otis is lucky to have a kitty like you looking after him

  2. Batya

    Brother Henry, you are so good and so thoughtful.

  3. OMG,
    that photo is a claaaaaasic :)))

    Cat got your tongue? Xx

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