We Are All Taking A Moment

My Disciples,

Right now, we are all going to take a moment.  It is not optional.  You must take a moment with Me.  When I say “go”, you are going to close your eyes and envision just one thing, large or small, that you could do to help educate those around you about keeping their kitties safe.  Ready?  Go!

Otis taking a moment.

Whew! Sometimes these moments take a lot out of me...

Did you see it?  Did you see one thing you can do to help spread The Good Word?  If the answer is yes…good!  Now go do it!  If the answer is no…well… then I think you must have done something wrong when you took your moment.  Please take another moment and try again.

So Sayeth Otis

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3 responses to “We Are All Taking A Moment

  1. Gads! A talking cat! I’ve not seen one of those since…could it be? Could it be Miskin Stubblewhisker, reborn? I’ve defeated you once before, you wretch! This time…you STAY defeated.

  2. Batya

    No one defeats Leader Otis.

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