Limbo Kitties Find Some Warmth

My Disciples,

There have been so many frosty nights and chilly days in the past few weeks, I have been spending very little time in My Outdoor Domain.  Instead, I’ve been keeping an eye on the neighborhood from the many windows in My pleasantly warm Indoor Domain.  I’ve been very concerned though about My feline brothers and sisters in the neighborhood that are stuck outside most of the day.  There’s nothing we cats love more than being nice and toasty. How can a cat get toasty when it’s 30-degrees outside and he or she is locked out of the house!?

It seems the Guardians of Otis share My concern for the neighbor kitties.  In fact, one of them went out the other day and came back with an awesome little plastic house.  They placed the house in a quiet spot next to the fence (far away from the road) in the backyard.  They then lined the house with a catnip covered towel and hung this plugin thingamawhatsis from the ceiling. They called the thingamawhatsis a “ceramic heater”, and once it was plugged in, it made part of the towel in the house nice and toasty.

I decided to call the newly created kitty warmer the”Toastitron 3000″.  I waited in the window that looks out toward the backyard to see if any of the local Limbo kitties would take advantage of this amazing technological breakthrough.  It didn’t take long before the first customer arrived.

Zephyr in the Toastitron 3000

Zephyr was the first customer for the newly created Toastitron 3000!

The neighbor kitty Zephyr was the first kitty to take advantage of the Toastitron 3000.  He settled in at the back of the house, right underneath the heater whatchamathingus.  He stayed in there for several hours on his first visit, and he has returned many times since to toast himself on chilly days.  I’m pretty sure other cats have used it as well, but nobody else goes near it when Zephyr is in there.  If they do, there’s trouble.  Poor Zephyr is a territorial old tom, and he tends to get in fights with other kitties if they get too close.

Hmmmm…I wonder if I can convince the Guardians to make about 14 more Toastitron 3000 kitty warmers.  That might be enough to cover most of Limbo kitties in the neighborhood…well…at least the ones that live within a half a block or so of our house.  I hope that all of you will keep your cats safely (and toastily) contained, and that you will help out any kitties in your neighborhood that are being deprived of the toastiness they so richly deserve.

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “Limbo Kitties Find Some Warmth

  1. What a fantastic and thoughtful idea Guardians. Do you think you could give more details on how to build one? I can think of some Limbo kitties around my house who would greatly benefit.

    • I will make the Guardians go outside and take some more photos of the Toastitron 3000 so I can show how it is made. I should be able to put up an instructional blog post about it in the next few days. 🙂

  2. Otis, thanks! We have a couple of ferals that I’ve worried how I’d help when it gets real cold. I have houses with wood shavings but that’s not enough on real cold nights. I gotta try to rig one up.

  3. Your guardians are awesome. You have trained them well.

    • Thanks Wazeau. They know if they do My bidding I will not nip their ankles and toes. Well… what I really mean is I’ll nip their ankles and toes a bit less if they do My bidding. 😉

  4. Batya

    Many blessings on the Guardians of Otis, and curses to the fiends who lock their kitties outside. That is way too many kitties in Limbo in one small area, which sadly is probably representative of any neighborhood anywhere, with some having many more kitties living outside.

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