I’m Not Coming Down Until It’s Safe!

My Disciples,

When Brother Oliver walked in yesterday and discovered Me not having a problem with the newly rediscovered catnip banana, a frightening thing happened.  Brother Oliver looked at Me, and then paused for a second as if he was trying to process what he was seeing.  Suddenly, his focus seemed to switch to something behind Me and he shouted, “Leader Otis!  Look out!  There’s another Black-headed Venom Viper!”

Terror overtook Me and I ran into the office and jumped up on a step stool.  Brother Oliver shouted from the next room, telling Me to stay put until he said it was safe.  I did as I was told.

Otis sitting on a step stool looking concerned.

I ran and jumped up on the stool in the office after Brother Oliver saw the venom viper. He told Me to stay put until he said it was safe.

I’ve been on the stool now for about 17 hours.  I still haven’t gotten the “all clear” from Brother Oliver though, so I don’t think it’s safe yet to get down.  I really owe him one for spotting the venom viper just in time.  I wonder what’s taking him so long to subdue the snake though.  I would have thought he would have summoned Brother Henry and the snake would have been reduced to nothing more than a harmless length of rope by now.  I hope he’s OK.  I would keep My fingers crossed, but I don’t really have any.  I know, I’ll keep My legs crossed instead!  Especially My hind legs…because I really need to use the litter box right now…

So Sayeth Otis

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One response to “I’m Not Coming Down Until It’s Safe!

  1. Chris

    Leader Otis, I hope you’re off your stool by now!

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