Is That What I Think It Is!?

My Disciples,

I…wait!  Wait just a minute!  Was that the catnip banana that I just walked past!?

Otis walking past a catnip banana

Could it be!?

Oh My gosh!  It is.  It is the catnip banana.  I haven’t seen it in months!  Not since My…errr…since I had My problem…well…that is to say…not since Brothers Henry and Oliver thought that I had a problem with it.  They meowed at Me so much about it that they almost convinced Me that I did have a problem.  Now that the banana’s here again though, I know I can just ignore it and I’ll be fine.

Otis ignoring banana.

There's the banana. See. I never had a problem. I'm not even going to look at it.

Hmmmm…but since the banana is right here and all, I guess I might as well just take a look and see if it has changed since the last time I saw it.  Hmmmm…well, you know what, I think this is a new banana!  It’s much brighter yellow and it doesn’t have as many cat spit stains on it.  Maybe I’ll just give it a little sniff to confirm that it is a different banana.

Otis sniffing banana.

Just a quick sniff couldn't hurt, you know, to see if it's the same banana as before.

Yeah.  That’s a different banana alright.  It has a much stronger catnip smell than the old one.  I don’t really care though.  I’m just going to sit here and relax for a little while totally not caring that this new catnip banana is next to Me.  Oh hey!  Look!  There’s something really interesting on the ceiling up there!  I’ve completely forgotten about this delicious smelling thing on the floor next to Me!

Otis ignoring the banana

Wow, that thing on the ceiling is sooooo interesting! I'm no longer aware of anything sitting right next to Me on the floor!

Gee…I’m feeling a little sleepy.  Maybe I should just lay My head down and take a quick nap…Hey!  How did this thing get under My head!?  I had completely forgotten that it was even there!

Otis with his head and one paw on the banana.

I completely forgot that the banana was there and I laid down on it. Whoops!

Huh!?  What was that noise!?  I think I might have heard Brother Oliver moving around in the next room.  If he sees Me laying on the banana he’s probably going to think that I’m having a problem again!

Otis looking concerned with the banana in front of him.

What was that noise!? Is Brother Oliver coming!? I hope he will know that I'm not having a banana problem again!

OK.  I’ll just sit here until Brother Oliver comes in and then I’ll say, “Hey Brother Oliver!  I found this banana and I was just getting ready to bring it to you so you could put it away!”  Yeah.  He’ll believe that.  I’m sure he will.

Otis sitting on his stomach with the banana in front of him.

I'll just wait for Brother Oliver to come in, and then I'll tell him I found this and he should put it away.

Well…he doesn’t seem to be coming.  Too bad.  I was really hoping he could put this completely uninteresting banana away.  You know, I’m still feeling kind of sleepy though.  I think I’ll just lay back down, stretch out My paws a bit and…Whoops!  Ha Ha!  I accidentally got the banana stuck on My claw when I was stretching!  Oh, that is so funny!  What a silly accident!  Oh no!  Since it’s stuck, I am now accidentally pulling it towards Me!  What are the odds?  I…wait!  I hear someone coming again!

Otis laying on his side holding the banana in one paw.

How silly! I accidentally got the banana stuck on My paw. someone coming!?

Oh no!  It’s Brother Oliver!  He’ll never believe Me that the banana got stuck to My claw by mistake!  I have to get rid of it!  Holy hairballs!  Now it really is stuck on My claw…errr…I mean it is still really stuck on My claw.  I can’t get rid of it!  I need to think fast!  AHHHHHHHHHH!

“Oh, hey!  Brother Oliver!  Good to see you.  I…what?  Banana?  What banana?  This is My new chin pillow!”

Otis sitting on all fours.  A banana is stuck under His chin.

Ummmm...hello Brother Oliver!? Huh? What banana? No, this is My new chin pillow!

Do you think he bought it?

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “Is That What I Think It Is!?

  1. Ahhhhh, I know how much you looove your banana :))

    Meowwwwwww. Xxx

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