Where’s My Cat? #4

My Disciples,

It’s time for image #4 in the “Where’s My Cat?” creative series.  When a cat guardian lets their cat roam free and unprotected, anything can happen.  “Where’s My Cat?” explores just a few of the many possible explanations of why kitty has disappeared.  Here’s #4:

Animal Shelter

Where's My Cat #4- At The Animal Shelter

Yes, when kitty goes missing it is quite possible that some responsible neighbor has taken him or her to the animal shelter.  If cats are roaming the neighborhood, it’s often very difficult to tell the difference between a stray kitty and one that still has guardians.  Knowing that the wide world is a dangerous place for kitties, many concerned people (The Guardians of Otis included) will err on the side of caution and take a free-roaming kitty to the animal shelter.

So if your kitty has disappeared, your first phone call should be to your local shelter.  They may have your kitty.  And if you wish to greatly reduce the chances that you will ever have to ask the question, “Where’s My Cat?” you should come up with a safe confinement plan for kitty.  It really is the responsible thing to do.

So Sayeth Otis

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