I Saw An Alien!

My Disciples,

Last night I was out in My Outdoor Domain and I saw something moving in the darkness.  I could smell that it was something wild, so I got all excited and started making this high chittering sound that I can’t help but make when faced with wildness.  One of the Guardians heard Me and came outside.  Just then, the thing emerged from the darkness and the Guardian said, “Oh!  It’s a possum, Otis!”  I got even more excited because I have only seen a possum one other time, and that was over a year ago when we lived in our old neighborhood.  I had forgotten how much they look like tasty mice, only much bigger and crunchier.

An Opossum is seen through the wire of an enclosure.

This is the possum I saw in My old neighborhood. He looks like a big crunchy mouse, but he might have been big enough to crunch Me!

After the possum wandered off, I ran inside to tell Brother Oliver what I had seen.  I found him happily munching away on some wheat grass that the Guardians had given to us.  I asked him if he knew anything about possums and what he told Me blew Me away!  First of all, he said that although they are called “possums”, they actually have an “o” at the beginning of their name.  He said he wasn’t sure why the “o” was silent.  I felt really smart at this point because I was able to tell Brother Oliver that when the Guardian had seen the possum she had said, “Oh!  It’s a possum…”  Therefore, the “o” refers to the surprise that people feel at seeing such an odd looking, giant crunchy mouse thing.  Brother Oliver seemed impressed, but what he told Me next was even more amazing than My “o” discovery.

Otis and Brother Oliver talking and eating wheat grass.

Brother Oliver and I discussed opossums as we ate wheat grass. What he told Me was amazing!

Brother Oliver said that opossums are “Mars soupials”.  I really couldn’t believe it!  They’re from Mars!?  And people on Mars use them as an ingredient in soup!?  No way.  I mean, again, they look so much like a big, crunchy mouse that they must be delicious in soup, but I had no idea that they were from another planet.  That’s just crazy.  I wonder how they got here?

Brother Oliver’s wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze Me.  And now I know that he knows not only about things on our planet, but also all about animals from outer space.  I feel very fortunate to have him acting as The Brains of The Cult of Otis.  He’s practically a genius!

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “I Saw An Alien!

  1. Batya

    Leader Otis, you and the Brothers are linguistic TREASURES.

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