Mama Cat Continues the Neighborhood Watch

My Disciples,

After the recent scare with the alleged Abdominal Snowman turned out to be a false alarm, Nacho stopped holding his protective vigil in the open window next door.  When I looked outside last night though, I noticed that the window has not been left unguarded.

Mama Cat looking out through an open window.

Little Mama Cat has stepped up to guard the open window in Nacho's absence.

As I looked toward the window I was met with a fearsome gaze.  It was Mama Cat.  I asked her what she was doing and she said that since Nacho was currently paralyzed by embarrassment, she was stepping up to do her part to keep all kitties in her house safe. Although she is about a quarter the size of Nacho, and she sits a full head shorter than he did in the window, I must admit she managed to project an imposing presence.

Although I still wish that the humans next door would just keep that window closed so their kitties would always be safe, it was good to see that the kitties themselves were trying to watch out for one another.  I hope that someday their guardians will notice what they are trying to do and finally give them the protection they so richly deserve.

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3 responses to “Mama Cat Continues the Neighborhood Watch

  1. Batya

    I love Mama Cat and wish she could come live with me. I would cherish her and keep her safe.

  2. Don’t mess with Moma (or her kitties). Imposing yes, but so intently using mental telepathy to try and communicate her concern to the humans next door. Someone taught her well.

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