I’m Doin’ The Happy Dance!

My Disciples,

Disciple of Otis Batya has informed Me that a missing cat whose poster appeared here in The Blog of Otis has been found and reunited with his family!  And it just so happens that it is the cat that bears My name!   I’m so excited that I’m doin’ the happy dance!

Otis doing the happy dance.

I'm doin' the happy dance! The happy dance! The hap, hap, hap, hap happy dance!

Here’s the story as told by Batya:

“… I can report a missing cat found. Do you remember a few months ago, when you suffered the trauma of the poster announcing that Otis was missing (NOT you, of course)? Well, that Otis was found by a friend of mine, and her sweet dog. (I confirmed it was the same cat by forwarding that post to her.) My friend took him in to a vet’s to see if he was chipped, and he was, but the info was years and years old, from California! My friend kept him in her guest room while she did excellent detective work. With the help of good fortune, the people were found and that Otis is back home. I hope those people never let him out again AND that they update the info for the microchip. Why are so many humans so clueless??”

So there you have it!  Otis is back home.  I share Batya’s hope that Otis’s people never let him out into the dangerous world again and that they update his microchip info.  The Brothers and I all have microchips with up to date information just in case we accidentally freak out one day, run outside and get lost.  I know that’s not likely with all of the precautions the Guardians take to keep us safe, but it’s nice to know that if it does we’ll be identifiable.  Plus, the Guardians licensed all three of us with the City of Seattle, so if an animal control officer finds us we’ll get a free ride home.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask Me!  If you don’t live in Seattle, you should investigate and see if your city has a similar program!

Thanks Batya for bringing us the happy news about My fellow Otis!

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4 responses to “I’m Doin’ The Happy Dance!

  1. Batya

    My name in print (well, sort of) at last! Thanks, Leader Otis, for sharing your fellow Otis’s story.
    Even though my cats are indoor-only absolutely, they also are microchipped to be prepared in the event of a worst-case scenario. I’ve been wishing there was a way to get them out-fitted with a tracking device. How would cats feel about that, I wonder?

    • Hmmm…a tracking device would probably be a good idea for finding us if we get lost Batya, but it might be a little embarrassing too because you would always know when we were in the litter box!

  2. Have updated microchip info – thanks for the reminder. You never know when they might just decide to make a run for it….(like it’s any better out there, RC. Get over it, you’re indoors.)

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