The World As Seen By Brother Oliver #3

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver has finished another image in his ongoing photo series showing the world from his perspective.  This time he attempted to capture what the world looks like to him when it is time for the Guardians to trim our nails. I think he has succeeded brilliantly!  Here’s Brother Oliver.

The World As I See It, by Brother Oliver

As I was working on the next photo in my “World As I See It” photo series, the Guardians pulled out the evil claw clipping device and came looking for Leader Otis, Brother Henry and I.  I decided to use the emotion I felt at seeing those clippers in my creative process and take an image that I feel represents what goes on at claw clipping time quite well.  The result is below, and it should give you some sense of how The Leader, Brother Henry and I cope when the Guardians try to blunt our weapons.

Nail Clipping Time

The World As I See It #3- Nail Clipping Time

There you have it.  Another stunning triumph by Brother Oliver!  That’s certainly the view I find Myself enjoying whenever I see those blasted claw clippers.  I hope this has yet again given you some small insight into how the world looks to your feline friends.

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “The World As Seen By Brother Oliver #3

  1. 2 cats

    Amazing photo brother Oliver, now I know where to look for my 2 cats when it is claw clipping time!

  2. And not a dust bunny in sight! You guys sure know how to take care of business.

  3. Why do they clip your claws? I’ve never done that to either of my 2 kitties, just curious as to whether I ought to.

    • From what I can tell, they clip our claws for a few reasons Knotrune. I have noticed that whenever The Brothers and I start to get our claws stuck in things (the carpet, our scratching post, the couch) and we have difficulty pulling them out, the Guardians seem to think it’s time for a claw trimming. Also, if the Guardians notice that we are starting to leave small puncture wounds on each other when we are playing they trim our claws. Sometimes though, the claw trimming is all Brother Oliver’s fault. You see, he really likes to give and receive hugs. When his nails get very long, the Guardians sometimes yelp in pain when Brother Oliver hugs them. When that happens, out come the nail trimmers. I’ve also heard that sometimes kitty nails can become overgrown and curve back into the footpads. Sounds pretty painful to me!

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