There Was No Abdominal Snowman

My Disciples,

Well…I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but apparently there was no Abdominal Snowman in our neighborhood.  The Guardians came back inside yesterday after going out to investigate what I believed to be the Abdominal Snowman, but when I checked the camera they took with them, I discovered what I had really seen.

A white, long-haired cat

This photo was on the Guardians' camera when they came back inside. This is clearly not an Abdominal Snowman.

So, instead of a having a snowman in the neighborhood, it seems we have a new Limbo kitty.  The Guardians are calling her “Beatrice”, and she’s a beautiful, fluffy white girl.  I’ll have to let Nacho know that he can stand down, at least as far as the snowman attack preparations go.

Although I’m relieved that we don’t actually have an Abdominal Snowman in the area, I am also sad that we have yet another unprotected kitty.  I guess I should find a way to redouble My efforts at spreading The Good Word.  Clearly humans are not getting the message.

So Sayeth Otis



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9 responses to “There Was No Abdominal Snowman

  1. 2 cats

    oh Beatrice is so pretty.
    i have read that most white cats are deaf, hopefully beatrice isnt otherwise she would be in even more danger in limbo

  2. What a pretty kitty. It is sad that she isn’t a warm home.
    I would love a kitty but one of my dogs, Monkey (I did not name him. He is a rescue and came with it. LOL) does not play well with kitties.

  3. Hope Beatrice finds a warm snug dry spot. Life is so hard without appropriate Guardians. Head butt, Otis.

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