An Abdominal Snowman Is On The Loose!

My Disciples,

Yesterday I jumped up onto the windowsill, half expecting to see Nacho looking at Me from next door with that murderous stare.  Instead I saw Cookie sitting just inside the open window.  I said, “Hello!”  through the glass and Cookie said “hello” back.

Otis looking out the window as Cookie looks back at Him from another window.

Cookie was sitting in the window yesterday. I was relieved to see that she was OK.

I told Cookie that I was happy to see her because I had seen Nacho in the window twice now and he seemed to be thinking about murder both times.  I told her that I was afraid he might have snapped and done something crazy.  Cookie just laughed and said, “No, Nacho hasn’t snapped.  He was actually trying to protect Mama Cat and I from danger.  Several days ago we were all outside and Nacho wandered into the back alley.  He suddenly came running back saying, ‘Mama!  Cookie! Get inside!  I just saw the Abdominal Snowman!’  Neither of us were sure what the Abdominal Snowman was, but we listened to Nacho because he seemed so frightened.  Since then Nacho has been spending a lot of time sitting in this window trying to keep us safe from an Abdominal Snowman attack.  He said it’s what Brother Henry would do, and Brother Henry is his hero.”

Needless to say, I was stunned by this news.  I mean, I know the outside world is a dangerous place for kitties, but I had no idea that Abdominal Snowmen were out there!  I told Cookie that Brother Henry, and now Brother Oliver too, always keep Me safe, so she should listen to Nacho, especially while the Abdominal Snowman is at large.  She said she would try, but since her guardians keep the window open so much, and they sometimes force her to be outside, she didn’t know if she’d always be able to stay safe.  “I guess trying is all you can do…” I said, “…but in the meantime I’ll try to alert the Guardians of Otis if I spot the Abdominal Snowman.  I’m sure they will know how to handle it.”

Cookie thanked Me and jumped back down inside her house.  I wandered off to find The Brothers and alert them to this new danger, and then the three of us began surveying the neighborhood from different windows, keeping watch for the new and unexpected danger that was lurking outside of our house.

So Sayeth Otis

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