Nacho Was Doing It Again!

My Disciples,

I looked out the window last night and there was Nacho again!  He was sitting in the window, clearly thinking about murder!  What is going on with him?  Why is he on this murderous mental rampage?  And more importantly, can he be stopped before he moves from simply thinking about it to actually doing it!?

Nacho in the window thinking about murder.

What has driven Nacho to this murderous mindset? How can we bring him back from the dark side?

I can’t be certain, but I really do think that all the time Nacho has spent living in Limbo must have played a role in driving him over the brink.  I’m not sure what it will take to bring him back into the light, but one thing’s for certain, I’m not going out into My Outdoor Domain without Brother Henry at My side.  With the look Nacho is giving Me, I’m not entirely certain that the wire walls of My Outdoor Domain would be able to hold him back if he chooses to attack.  That is one scary kitty!

So Sayeth Otis

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7 responses to “Nacho Was Doing It Again!

  1. Look at it this way: as long as you can see him in the window, he’s inside and not in limbo!

  2. perhaps you could have the Guardians leave a peace offering of catnip outside for him

  3. If Nacho used to be a Limbo kitty and is now inside, perhaps he is trying to adjust to being safe in a warm house. He may be used to the rough life on the streets. His eyes so seem a bit more calm today.
    Or perhaps Nacho is jealous of your status, Master Otis, as a wise and benevolent leader with followers.
    Just a couple of possibilities

    • Hmmm..well…he’s still a Limbo kitty because the window he sits in is open Missey. That’s the way he, Cookie and Mama Cat get in and out of their house. Sometimes their guardians close the window when they are outside and they can’t get back in. Maybe that’s what made Nacho snap!

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