Brother Henry’s New Favorite Spot

My Disciples,

Yesterday morning I found Brother Henry laying on the floor in the kitchen.  I asked him if he wanted to come look out the window with Me to see if we could spot some crunchy birds.  He said he wasn’t interested.

Henry sitting on the kitchen floor.

I found Brother Henry sitting on the kitchen floor and asked him to come spot crunchy birds with Me. He declined.

I was puzzled, because Brother Henry usually loves to watch out the window for crunchy birds.  I asked if he was sure he didn’t want to join Me, and he said, “Yeah.  I’m fine right here.”  I left to look for birds on My own.  Throughout the day I passed through the kitchen several more times.  Every time, there was Brother Henry, still sitting in the exact same spot.  I began to get suspicious.

After the sun went down I heard someone scratching obsessively in the Potty Pod 3000 up in Kitty Valhalla.  I knew it must be Brother Henry because I had just seen Brother Oliver asleep in his basket.  I ran into the kitchen to look at the spot where Brother Henry had been sitting.  I immediately discovered what Brother Henry liked so much about the spot.

A heating vent in the spot where Brother Henry was sitting.

Aha! So this is why Brother Henry liked this spot so much!

Brother Henry had been laying on a heat vent!  I knew about the two in the living room, but how this one in the kitchen had escaped My notice is beyond Me.  I continue to be impressed by Brother Henry’s ability to discover new warm spots around the house.  He really is the world’s best heat-seeking kitty.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Brother Henry’s New Favorite Spot

  1. Heat-seaking kitty – love it. My plump Sassafrass spreads herself out over the vent in my computer room. I rarely know she is there until I start wondering why my feet are so cold.

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