I Think Nacho Has Snapped!

My Disciples,

Oh My gosh!  I am so scared right now.  Last night I jumped up into the window to look outside and I saw Nacho sitting in the window next door.  The window was open, of course, because Nacho’s guardians don’t see fit to keep him protected from the dangers of the outside world.  Well, I think the constant exposure to danger has finally caused Nacho’s fragile psyche to snap!  Here’s what I saw when I looked out the window:

Nacho with a murderous look on his face.

I know that look! He's thinking about murder!

I recognized the intense, unblinking stare on Nacho’s face immediately.  He was thinking about murder!  I waved at him to see if I could get him to respond, but he just kept staring at Me with that terrifying look on his face.  I meowed to alert the Guardians, but when they looked out the window they first started laughing and then started talking angrily about how the neighbors don’t keep their kitties safe.  They didn’t seem to realize that we may have another problem on our hands.

I checked back periodically during the night, and Nacho was still there, still thinking about murder.  This morning, he was gone.  Not knowing where he is only makes it worse!  I know the Brothers and I are safe inside, but what about the Guardians?  They have to go outside to find food for us!  What if he’s out there waiting for them!?  Oh man.  That is such a scary thought.  If you’ll excuse Me, My Disciples, I think I better go eat some food while I still can.

So Sayeth Otis

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23 responses to “I Think Nacho Has Snapped!

  1. Wow! Nacho does look like he has his knickers in a knot, no?!

  2. Batya

    Poor Otis, the Guardians will be safe. Which is probably more than can be said for poor Nacho.

  3. The plot thickens….fur will do that.

  4. Not sure how I am supposed to pass this on so I am just going to do this.

    : )


  5. Just be glad you’re not a dog! I went outside to potty not too long ago and a squatter cat smacked me on MY NOSE! What is the world coming to?

  6. –Nacho has an AMAZING, cheesy face.

    I wonder what he’s thinking?


  7. Wow… Nacho does look scary/crazy. I would’ve been scared too, if I were the one who saw that face!

  8. I might have nightmares now.

  9. ‘Nacho’ is the coolest cat name ever….

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