Brother Oliver Inspired Me

My Disciples,

Seeing Brother Oliver pondering his camera equipment yesterday made Me realize how long it has been since I indulged in My own creative passions.  I have been known to dabble in photography Myself, but My preferred creative tools are the Guardians of Otis.  As you may recall, I personally supervised the creation of the Cult of Otis Patron Saints, and I was more than a little bit responsible for everything else the Guardians made for the Cult of Otis website.

Otis supervising creation of the Saints

I personally supervised the creation of the Cult of Otis Patron Saints. The Guardians are great tools for My creative expression!

So, after seeing Brother Oliver’s interest in photography being reignited, I felt like I should explore My artistic side a little more.  To get the process started, I dragged a pad of paper and a pencil into the middle of the living room floor and meowed insistently at the Guardian that was sitting on the couch.  She immediately understood what I was asking and the two of us got to work.

Otis supervising the creation of a drawing.

Working through the Guardians, I am once again exploring My artistic side.

It felt good to be creating something again.  I think the Guardian felt the same way.  We were really just hashing out a few ideas, but I have a feeling we’ll have more of these sessions in the near future and we might just come up with something great to share with you, My Disciples.  Only time will tell.

So Sayeth Otis

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