I Had A Rat On My Back!

My Disciples,

All day yesterday I thought I was feeling the weight of the world on My shoulders, and I guess I was, but I was also feeling another weight.  As I was laying on the living room floor feeling that I could no longer move under the weight, Brother Oliver walked in and said, “Leader Otis!  There’s a rat on your back!”  Needless to say I was shocked, but it did explain why it felt like My burden was biting Me.  I immediately flipped over and began to kick and bite the dirty rat in an attempt to subdue him.

Otis fighting a stuffed rat.

Part of the weight on My shoulders was a rat! I flipped over and attacked him!

The rat was so big that I had a difficult time getting the best of him.  Before I knew what was happening, the rat made a lightning-quick move and went for My jugular!  I yowled in surprise believing that I was done for.

A stuffed rat appears to be going for Otis's throat.

Suddenly the rat went for My jugular! I thought I was done for.

From out of nowhere Brother Oliver and Brother Henry appeared.  Brother Oliver batted the rat off of Me and into the kitchen.  The Brothers went to work, batting the rat senseless and biting it into submission.  Sandwiched between 33.5 pounds of tabby fury, the unfortunate rodent didn’t stand a chance.

Brothers Henry and Oliver fight the rat.

Caught in between Brothers Henry and Oliver, the rat didn't stand a chance.

In short order, the rat had been completely subdued.  Brother Oliver carried its carcass back into the living room and laid it at My feet.  I was relieved to see that the danger had passed.  My High Priests had saved the day.

The rat lays on its side while Oliver and Otis sit over it.

Brother Oliver presented Me with the vanquished rat. My High Priests had saved the day.

I felt extremely relieved that The Brothers had arrived when they did.  One moment later and who knows how the struggle might have ended?  Many questions remain after this incident though.  How did the huge rat get into the house, and how did it end up on My back?  We may never know the answers to these questions, but one thing is clear, The Brothers and I will never be bored as long as the Guardians keep providing us with fun, stimulating toys…like large stuffed rats…

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “I Had A Rat On My Back!

  1. That looks like the funny little creatures mom tries to keep hidden from us! I knew they weren’t tiny cats. Don’t tell Vixie though, I think it would make her sad.

    – George

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