Brother Oliver and I Cure The Jimmy Legs

My Disciples,

This morning Brother Oliver and I were resting in our really big bed that we let the Guardians share with us.  The Guardians take up quite a bit of space, but we tolerate their presence because they generate lots of body heat and make surprisingly good bed warmers.

Otis and Oliver in bed

We allow the Guardians to share our big bed because they make excellent bed warmers.

As nice as the body warmth of the Guardians is, they can sometimes make it difficult to sleep.  There’s nothing worse than getting all nice and comfortable next to one of their big, warm gams only to jarred awake by the sudden onset of the jimmy legs.

Yep, the Guardians sometimes have dreams and start moving their legs around.  Each leg is at least twice as big as The Brothers and I, so a case of the serious jimmy legs not only disturbs our sleep, it might be downright dangerous.  This morning the bigger Guardian started jimmying his leg so much that Brother Oliver and I had to take drastic measures.  Brother Oliver scooted his 16.5 pound bulk up against the lower part of the leg and I draped My 14 pound heft over top of the leg.  This effectively immobilized it and allowed us to get back to the important business of sleeping.

Otis and Oliver immobilized a leg.

Working as a team, Brother Oliver and I were able to counteract the devastating effects of "the jimmy legs".

Our immobilization job was so effective, Brother Oliver and I were able to enjoy a full two hours of additional sleep.  Eventually the Guardian woke up and decided to get out of bed.  Strangely, when he placed the leg we had immobilized on the floor, it did not support his weight.  I heard him say something about his entire leg having fallen asleep as he limped around and tried to get dressed.  Brother Oliver and I were very proud.  Not only had we been able to enjoy the additional sleep, apparently we had ensured that the Guardian’s leg was well rested too.  And to think he didn’t even thank us.  Sometimes I really don’t understand humans.

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “Brother Oliver and I Cure The Jimmy Legs

  1. I Love you guys!! Meooooooooooooooooow

  2. so unappreciative! …(maybe sleep on Guardian head next time so their brain could get as much sleep as that leg?) A big 5 meows for this post!

  3. Makes me glad I only look after the one kitty 🙂 And she is still very good at taking up more of the bed than I do! Quite a remarkable skill for a small kitty.

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