I Am Otis Manslaughtermug

My Disciples,

I keep thinking about the lost cat poster that the Guardians found for William Murderface.  I mean, the name just sounds so tough!  Sure, the Guardians have all kinds of nicknames for Me, but I’m not sure if Otis Potis Pants sounds as commanding as something like William Murderface.

Maybe if I had a more intimidating name, humans would take Me more seriously and keep their cats better protected for fear that I might come after them.  Since “Murderface” is already taken, perhaps I shall be called Otis Manslaughtermug!

Otis Manslaughtermug

I am Otis Manslaughtermug. Fear Me!

All who look upon the terrifying visage of Otis Manslaughtermug shall be stricken with terror.  No one can resist My chilling stare.  All will tremble before Me and keep their kitties safely confined, well fed and properly loved.  Do not test My resolve or My wrath shall be terrible!  Do My bidding or be manslaughtered, for I am Otis Manslaughtermug!

So Sayeth Otis

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14 responses to “I Am Otis Manslaughtermug

  1. Chris

    The mere mention of Otis Manslaughtermug sets me a-trembling!

    Waterbuggy, companion to Chris

  2. I dunno, Otis Potis Pants is horrifying enough…

  3. Batya

    Whatever it takes to keep kitties safely indoors!

  4. “Potus” is the radio-name, I’m told by my inside sources, that the US Secret Service uses for the President. Geddit? President Of The United States.
    So I think Potus works just fine for you, Otis (but ditch the “pants,” of course; that’s just plain undignified). (First Lady is “Flotus.”)

  5. ‘Manslaughtermug’ does sound quite menacing and dictator-ish to me….

    • Dictator-ish!? Oh no Missey. The Brothers’ opinions are very important to Me in deciding which way to steer Cult of Otis, and they know that whenever I want their opinion I will give it to them :-).

  6. 0mg,
    I see that look in your eyes.

    Somebody’s in big trouble. Meooooooooow

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