William Murderface Is Lost…Yes…William Murderface

My Disciples,

The Guardians’ recent discovery of yet another lost cat poster saddened Me as always, but it also puzzled Me greatly.  The poster announced that William Murderface is missing.  William is a gray tabby like The Brothers and I and he is only 6 months old.  He also apparently loves something called “Metalocalypse” and is wearing a black collar with red chili peppers on it.  He is very friendly and playful despite his name, which makes it sound like he will immediately shred the face of anyone who comes near him.

A lost cat poster for William Murderface

William Murderface is missing. Yes. William Murderface. I purr that he is safe wherever he may be.

Please join Me in purring that William Murderface is found alive and well.  His name makes him sound like one tough little kitty, but even the toughest of us are in grave danger when we are wandering alone in the world without walls.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “William Murderface Is Lost…Yes…William Murderface

  1. My goodness! Six months old and already earned the name “Murderface”! Seems to be quite the character, as he enjoys Metalocaplypse and is playful. I hope he is found soon.

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