Brother Henry Has An Off Day

My Disciples,

I walked into the living room yesterday to find Brother Henry on top of the cat tree playing one of his favorite games with a Guardian of Otis.  It’s no secret that Brother Henry loves his oversized, plush novelty cherry, but few people outside the inner circle of The Cult of Otis know that he loves to play catch with the cherry.  He sits patiently, waiting for one of the Guardians to toss the cherry to him, and then he sits up and catches it between his front paws.  I was amazed the first time I saw him do this, and in repeated attempts he seemed to have an 80 – 90% success rate at catching the cherry.  This was not the case yesterday though.

I watched the Guardian toss the cherry to Brother Henry yesterday and I was shocked when he missed it by a mile.  He didn’t even get both paws up before the cherry hit him in the chest.  In the past, even when he missed he came very close to catching it.  Something seemed amiss.

Brother Henry misses the cherry

Brother Henry didn't even come close to catching the cherry yesterday. On the first toss I watched it hit him in the chest.

I kept watching, theorizing that maybe Brother Henry just wasn’t ready on that first toss, but he didn’t do any better at catching the cherry the second time it was tossed.  In fact, this time he didn’t get either of his paws up.  The cherry bopped him right in the nose!

Brother Henry misses again

On the second toss the cherry bopped Brother Henry right in the nose!

Clearly the Guardian was surprised at Brother Henry’s difficulties too.  After the second toss he walked away.  I approached Brother Henry and asked if he was alright.  He simply looked at Me with a slightly dazed look on his face.  He then started to chuckle and said, “Heh, heh…catnip…”  That’s when I noticed the smell on his breath.  It was catnip alright.

I must say I was a little disappointed in Brother Henry.  I mean, abusing catnip can be a seriously addictive habit.  It’s unconscionable to think Brother Henry would ever indulge in such a dangerous activity alone.  In the future I hope that he will come and find Me first…so I can do it with him.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Brother Henry Has An Off Day

  1. Friends don’t let friends ingest catnip alone, right? Everyone needs a buddy!

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