Brother Oliver Thought I Was Out To Get Him

My Disciples,

Sorry I haven’t addressed you in a few days, but I was busy searching for Brother Oliver.  I was afraid he might be missing because I hadn’t seen him since the day we kept bumping into one another by pure coincidence.  I finally found him this morning, fast asleep under the couch.  When I woke him up he let out a loud scream and then looked at Me as if he thought I was going to massacre him!  Can you imagine!?  Innocent little old Me!?  I was extremely puzzled by his reaction.

Otis, the picture of innocence.

I don't know why Brother Oliver screamed when he saw Me. I am an innocent and pure little kitty.

I asked Brother Oliver why he was so jumpy, and he said that he thought I was going to do something awful to him to get revenge for the joke that he played on Me.  He said that the way he kept running into Me around the house a few days ago and the skull pumpkin I had left in My Outdoor Domain had led him to believe this.

I laughed and told him that it was merely coincidence that we kept bumping into each other the other day.  I also told him that I had no idea how that pumpkin had gotten into My Outdoor Domain.  I could only speculate that the Guardians must have left it there.

Seeming relieved, Brother Oliver said, “Really!?  So, you’re not out to get me then!?”  I laughed again and said, “Of course not Brother Oliver!  Why would I be out to get you?  Just because you played a sneaky trick on Me and scared Me half to death?  Nah.  I’m not out to get you.  I mean…if I was out to get you, don’t you think I’d come up with something better than staring at you or leaving strange pumpkins lying around?”

Brother Oliver laughed nervously and said, “I guess you’re right…I…wait…what do you mean ‘something better’?”  “Nothing.” I said as I turned and walked away, leaving Brother Oliver to ponder our conversation.

Otis looking evil.

You should never mess with The Leader.

Yeah, so maybe I was playing mind games with Brother Oliver the other day.  And maybe, just maybe I was able to convince the Guardians to put that skull pumpkin in My Outdoor Domain.  Or maybe not.  Who knows?  Certainly not Me.  After all, I’m just an innocent kitty doing My best to help out My feline brothers and sisters.  Just an innocent kitty who may have picked up a bit of an edge spending the first year of his life on the streets.  Maybe…

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Brother Oliver Thought I Was Out To Get Him

  1. Oh, how handsome you are. Otis in your picture! I must’ve had a long lost cousin of yours living with me, for he looked exactly like you! He has gone to kitty-heaven now, but you would’ve been proud of his kitty pursuits, like you he ruled the world, and had many admirers!

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