This Can’t Be Good

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here again.  I managed to avoid Leader Otis most of the day yesterday.  Whatever He is planning to get revenge for my prank on Him, I don’t want to give Him the opportunity to do it.  But things have taken a bizarre twist.  Yesterday afternoon I snuck into The Leader’s Outdoor Domain when I knew He was in sleeping on the bed.  I laid down on the little deck out there and, exhausted from being on edge for days, fell fast asleep.  When I woke up, I turned to go inside the house and was stunned by what I found sitting in my path!

Oliver with a white pumpkin that has a skull carved on it.

I awoke to find a strange object between me and the door.

It was a white pumpkin with what looked like a skull carved in it.  I knew it must have been left out there by Leader Otis.  I mean, I played a joke on Him with Jack O’lantern who is a pumpkin.  It only makes sense that Leader Otis would try to get me back by freaking me out with another pumpkin.  But where did He get this pumpkin and how did He move it outside while I was sleeping?  Most puzzling of all, what could the skull possibly mean?  Is He planning something gruesome to get me back?

I don’t know what it really means, but one thing’s for sure, it can’t be good.  I’m going to continue to watch my back…

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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5 responses to “This Can’t Be Good

  1. —ohhh, that is scary looking.


    But you are purrrfectly beautiful.

  2. Watch out. I noticed that Hank, the evil dog-boss of our house has packing his bone for a trip. He might be coming your way. He’s shifty and mean. Tell Brother Henry to watch your back for you.

    I’m purring for you,

    Charlotte Bean

  3. By the way… That’s called a day of the dead face. Not good.

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