Andy Got Out

My Disciples,

The Guardians have found yet another lost cat poster, and this time it is for a cat whose Guardians were doing the right thing and keeping him indoors.  His name is Andy, and he survived a house fire before being adopted by his Guardians.  According to the poster, Andy escaped from the house without his Guardians’ knowledge.  He has a hacking cough due to an upper respiratory problem and he is very affectionate.  He is also a fellow tabby like The Brothers and I.

A poster for a lost cat named Andy.

Andy got out and is missing. I purr that he is found, safe and sound, by his Guardians.

Andy’s story is a good reminder that we kitties don’t always know what is best for us.  Sometimes, especially if we are in a new home, we may get scared and try to escape.  Cat guardians must be vigilant to ensure that we are unable to do so.  It really is for our own good.  Please purr with Me that Andy is safely returned to his family.  This poor kitty already survived a fire.  I hope he will also survive the dangers of the world without walls.

So Sayeth Otis

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  1. guardian

    This is the first time I seen a picture of the lost cat being held by his Guardian. That says a lot about the type of care they have for him. I hope he makes it home safely!

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