I Think I Might Be In Trouble

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver here.  I’ve been completely paranoid for the past two days waiting for Leader Otis to exact His revenge for the prank Jack O’lantern and I played on Him.  So far He’s been acting as if nothing happened, and  It’s a bit unnerving to say the least.  This Morning I was sleeping in the basket on top of Silver Rock when I was suddenly awakened by an unexpected weight on top of me.  It was Leader Otis, and I was jerked awake just in time for Him to yawn right in my face.

Otis and Oliver in a basket with Otis yawning in Oliver's face.

As I was sleeping in the basket on top of Silver Rock, I was rudely awakened by Leader Otis laying on top of me. He yawned in my face.

Of course, yawns are contagious, so I ended up succumbing to an overwhelming urge to yawn myself.  Leader Otis yawned again and so did I.  The Yawn bounced back and forth between us for what seemed like 10 minutes or more.

Otis and Oliver in a basket together yawning.

Leader Otis's yawn made me yawn, and then we both started yawning uncontrollably. I thought it would never end.

Finally the yawning stopped and Leader Otis drifted down into sleep.  Just as I was falling back to sleep myself, I felt something pressing against my chin.  It was very uncomfortable and every once in awhile it gave me a sharp prick of pain.  I opened my eyes and realized that Leader Otis had placed His paw right under my chin.  Every time I started to drift off and my head started to drop, one of His claws would dig in and snap me back to consciousness.

Otis and Oliver in a basket.

Leader Otis had His paw stuck up under my chin. Whenever my head dropped, His claws would dig into me.

It seemed like Leader Otis was doing this unconsciously…but was He?  Or was this some form of subtle psychological game He was playing with me?  I was already on edge before this, and now I am also sleep deprived.  I just don’t know what to think or what to expect next.  One thing is for sure, I wish that I never would have played that joke on Leader Otis.  As funny as it was, it certainly wasn’t worth all the paranoia I am feeling now!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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7 responses to “I Think I Might Be In Trouble

  1. Hilarious. Liked it so much I ignored RC’s annoyed begging for attention….until the cat boxing gloves came out with a vengeance….sorry I’d stay and chuckle, but I have to limp to the fridge. REALLY funny

  2. He is definately out to get you! Beware the subtle revenge tactics!

  3. Aww, you two are just so cute!

  4. Perhaps you should consider fessing up… I here it actually gets rid of all that paranoia.

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