Interspecies Communication

My Disciples,

I love and trust The Guardians of Otis, but at times it can be difficult to communicate My wants to them.  Being humans, they are incapable of fully understanding the complex language of we kitties.  Sometimes I have to find creative ways to let them know exactly what is on My mind.  This was the case recently when I needed to let them know that there was something I really, really wanted.

Otis sitting next to a book on the joy of chickens and looking up.

Sometimes I have to find creative ways to tell the Guardians what I want. They don't always understand what I am asking though.

Even though I gave them My most intense “I want” face, I’m not sure if they actually understood the message.  I guess only time will tell, but in the meantime I’m going to be dreaming about feathery, crunchy goodness.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Interspecies Communication

  1. Otis, don’t dismay. Keep trying. Christmas is coming? Meanwhile, maybe you’d be interested in Krazy K Farms for more poultry pictures to drool over. Blog pretty wacky, too.

  2. 2 cats

    sorry Otis but my cats have better ‘I want’ faces than that.

  3. Batya

    We humans are pretty monolinguistic. You’ll probably get a book about chickens.

  4. Sometimes it’s not lack of understanding 🙂 There are many reason why the guardians would not want you to chase and kill live chickens! Not least that they might be bigger than you think. Some chickens are as big as you and can be a bit vicious – sharp pointy beaks and the roosters have spurs on their legs. In that book they might look the size of a songbird in your garden 🙂 My old kitty was watching TV one day and saw a line of tiny elephants cross the screen. She went over and batted at them because they looked about the size of mice. But of course their foot is as big as a kitty! So no matter how badly she wanted a tiny elephant the size of a mouse, I just couldn’t provide it. Well, maybe a toy one 🙂

    • Really Knotrune!? There are huge, monster chickens out there that are pointy and vicious!? I always though they were just fluffy and tasty. Now I’m not sure whether I really want chickens or not unless they come to Me in canned or kibbled forms.

  5. Fran

    PLEASE buy Otis a Chicken!!!! Just a little one!!!

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