Mama Cat Stopped By For Tricky Treats

My Disciples,

Yesterday, as The Brothers and I were keeping watch over the neighborhood cats from My Outdoor Domain, Brother Henry needed to take a break to use the Potty Pod 3000.  On his way back from the break, he witnessed something strange happening at the front door of our house.  There was a knock at the door and the Guardians opened it.  Small, strange looking people were standing on our front steps.  Brother Henry said that the small, strange people held out bags and said “Tricky Treats!” enthusiastically.  When they did this the Guardians put some kind of gross human food in their bags and the small people went away giggling.  Brother Oliver and I listened intently as Brother Henry told us about this strange event.

The Brothers and Otis in their Outdoor Domain.

Brother Henry told us that he had seen strange little people get food from the Guardians by saying "Tricky Treats." Brother Oliver and I found this strange.

As strange as this seemed, it also seemed unfair to us that only humans that were visiting our house were getting treats.  We decided that any kitties that entered our yard should also be able to enjoy some tricky treats of their own.  So when we saw Mama Cat come around the corner of the house, The Brothers and I started meowing insistently.  Being well-trained, one of the Guardians quickly appeared and put out some cat snacks for Mama.  When Mama jumped up onto the red table to eat the snacks, The Brothers and I yelled, “Tricky Treats!”

Mama Cat enjoying her tricky treats.

The Guardians put out snacks for Mama Cat and when she jumped up to eat them we yelled, "Tricky Treats!"

Mama Cat seemed a bit puzzled by our proclamation, but she started munching away on her tricky treats with much enthusiasm.  Brother Henry and I managed to turn our new friend Jack around to face her direction so he could ward off evil spirits while she was eating.  When she was finished, Mama Cat looked up at us and then at Jack.  As she turned to leave she said, “Thanks Guys…but you’re kind of freaking me out today!  First you say ‘tricky treats’ and then you turn that strange looking pumpkin toward me.  I appreciate the food very much but now I think I will go home and go inside for the rest of the evening.”

Mama Cat looking annoyed.

Mama Cat was a little freaked out by us saying "tricky treats" and then pointing Jack O'lantern at her. She said she was going home.

The Brothers and I were very excited by this because it meant that Mama Cat would be safe and sound for the rest of Howloween.  It proved to us that our new friend Jack really could ward off evil spirits.  We were all very impressed by his ability to help us keep kitties safe!

So Sayeth Otis


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3 responses to “Mama Cat Stopped By For Tricky Treats

  1. Chris

    Tricky treats……I’m going to laugh all day about this! That’s so cute!

  2. –Love Love Love you Kitties. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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