Have A Happy and Safe Howloween

My Disciples,

I hope you all have a happy and safe Howloween.  The Brothers and I will be holding a vigil in My Outdoor Domain watching for any signs of danger to the many free-roaming felines in our neighborhood.  Also, the Guardians have placed a pumpkin with a scary face carved on it in My Outdoor Domain which I thought was kind of weird.  I mean, the symbols of The Cult of Otis often miraculously appear on pumpkins at this time of year, but the scary face is not one of our symbols.  I asked Brother Oliver if he knew what the scary-faced pumpkin was about and he said he overheard the Guardians saying that it is supposed to ward off evil spirits or something.  He also said he thinks it is Irish because he overheard the Guardians calling it “Jack O’lantern”, and Brother Oliver says that is an Irish sounding name.  He’s the brains of The Cult of Otis so I guess he must know what he is talking about.

Happy Howloween

The Brothers and I will be keeping an eye out for the cats in our neighborhood this Howloween along with our friend Jack.

So again, have a safe and happy Howloween, and if you want to make sure that no evil spirits try to come into your house, be sure to decorate your front porch with an Irish pumpkin or two.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Have A Happy and Safe Howloween

  1. Batya

    Gosh, I bet our President is Irish, too. O’Bama has an Irish ring, don’t you think? Happy Howloween to Leader Otis and the Brothers.

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