Tomorrow is Howloween!

My Disciples,

Being faithful followers, you are no doubt aware that tomorrow we celebrate Howloween, also known as “Black Cat Day”. Since at least the Middle Ages black cats have been vilified in human mythology. Even today, they have difficulty getting adopted from shelters, and heartless and cruel people often torture them on the human holiday known as Halloween. I am appalled at the unfair treatment of My dark-furred brothers and sisters and I have officially designated October 31st as a day to celebrate all black cats. It is also a day for all Disciples of Otis to be especially vigilant in watching out for the safety of cats in your neighborhoods. People will be less likely to attempt to harm animals if they know we are all watching out for them.

As Howloween approaches, images often magically appear on pumpkins.  Last year, an image bearing a striking resemblance to Yours Truly appeared on a pumpkin.  Well, this year not one but TWO images have miraculously appeared.  The first looks remarkably like the Cult of Otis symbol for The Good Word.

The Good Word Pumpkin

Images miraculously appear on pumpkins as Howloween approaches. This one looks like the symbol for The Good Word!

The second image that appeared this year looks a lot like Saint Inky (1 & 2), The Patron Saint of Black Cats for The Cult of Otis.  How appropriate that he should appear just in time for Black Cat Day!

Saint Inky 1 & 2 Pumpkin

The unmistakable image of Saint Inky (1 & 2) has appeared on a pumpkin! Another Howloween miracle!

So tomorrow, be extra vigilant as you watch out for the kitties in your neighborhood who are wandering in the wilderness or living in Limbo.  They may be in even greater danger than usual on the 31st.  Also, take some time to acknowledge and appreciate the gorgeous, black kitties in your life.  And if you are currently considering adopting a new feline companion, please give My dark brothers and sisters a little extra consideration.

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “Tomorrow is Howloween!

  1. –We keep our cats in Halloween.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Meooooooooow. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I miss you, Otis.

  2. Batya

    My indoor kitties will be purring for the safety of all cats in Limbo or Wandering in the Wilderness. My first cat was a black cat, and now I have a second one. I can’t understand why anyone would not want a black, or worse, hurt one.

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