Does The Warm Box Have Side Effects?

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver and I have spent the past 24 hours resting on top of the warm box that is attached to the TV.  It has been wonderful, but we are both starting to feel a little bit funny.  I think we might need to take a break from the box because it may have some side effects of which we were not previously aware.  I remember Brother Henry saying something about how he spent too much time on the box when he first discovered it, but he didn’t say how he knew he had spent too much time on it.  Maybe he had this same strange tingly feeling that Brother Oliver and I are feeling right now.

Otis and Brother Oliver on top of the cable box with glowing eyes.

Sitting on top of the warm box for too long may have some unexpected side effects. It's hard to tell for sure.

Hmmmm…well, maybe it’s OK.  Maybe we just feel this way because the warmth is so good for us.  Yeah.  I’m sure we’re fine.  I’m going back to sleep now.  Will someone please turn out that really bright light?

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Does The Warm Box Have Side Effects?

  1. Really funny. All charged up for the day…(now I know why RC cat sleeps so much).

  2. Hmmmm….the warm box may have an effect. One of your eyes appears to be glowing an erie green color, Master Otis. Hopefully this phenomenon is just a trick of the lighting and the camera flash…..or you could be getting super powers.

  3. Critical mass, in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  4. I hope you’re taking comfort breaks or that could account for the odd feeling!

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