Buddy Has Been Missing For A Long Time

My Disciples,

The other day the Guardians discovered another lost kitty poster, and this one made Me even sadder than usual.  It was faded, torn and announced that a kitty named Buddy is missing.  The poster was faded and torn because it was very old.  Buddy has been missing for nearly 6 months.

A poster for a lost cat named Buddy.

Buddy has been missing since late April. I purr that he is safe.

I fear that the fading image on the poster is symbolic of Buddy’s guardians’ memory of him slowly fading into the past.  I feel sorry for the pain they must feel, but I purr that they hold on to that pain and let it be the catalyst to alter their behavior if they ever decide to become cat guardians again.  If their behavior does not change, they dishonor the memory of Buddy and other lost cats like him.

So Sayeth Otis

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3 responses to “Buddy Has Been Missing For A Long Time

  1. I truly hope that even if Buddy died alone, these peoples future pets won’t have to endure the same tragic fate. Keeping pets safely contained is the only solution!

  2. Chris

    Poor Buddy. :((

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