Back In Training

My Disciples,

After My disappointing third place finish in the First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics, I decided to waste no time getting started with My training for next year.  And I’m really excited!  This year’s first place winner, Brother Henry, has agreed to be My personal trainer!  We just had a session this morning and he started off by observing My technique so he could get an idea of what he has to work with.

Brother Henry watches Otis bat at a feather toy.

The training session started with Brother Henry observing My technique.

Brother Henry watched intently as I made several attempts at grabbing the simulated bird.  He then began to instruct Me on body positioning, proper paw placement and strike timing.  I was so excited to be learning from the Catlympic champion that I started purring very loudly.  Unfortunately, the purring made it difficult to hear what Brother Henry was saying, and the fact that My eyes were mostly closed also made it difficult to see what he was demonstrating.

Brother Henry instructs while Otis sits nearby with his eyes partially closed.

I was so excited to be learning from Brother Henry that I sort of got lost in My purring.

After a few moments I was snapped back to reality when Brother Henry said, “All right Leader Otis, now You try it!”  I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t paying attention so I just said, “OK, I’m ready!”  After that, it did not go well.

Otis getting bonked in the face by a feather toy.  Henry looks concerned.

Perhaps I should have been paying attention to what Brother Henry was trying to teach Me.

The simulated bird bonked Me in the face and Brother Henry recoiled in surprise.  He asked if I was all right and I replied, “Yeth, buh I thing I bith Ny thung.”  Brother Henry decided that we had done enough training for one day.  He headed off to nap on The Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness in Kitty Valhalla.  I stayed behind and dipped My tongue in the cool, soothing waters of The Sacred Fountain of Eternal Hydration.  I’m glad it’s a whole year until the next Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics.  I think I’m going to need that time to practice.

So Sayeth Otis

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3 responses to “Back In Training

  1. In theory leader Otis, because I believe dog and cat years are pretty much the same; every human year equals seven cat years. Which would mean that, in human terms, the next Catlympics would be in about five months.


  2. Your dedication is admirable and an inspiration to all.

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