First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics: Final Day- Leader Otis

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Disciples of Otis,

This is Brother Oliver filling in for The Leader as He takes center stage in today’s Bird Slayer competition.  I can’t say anything about the performance of the previous contestants as I am one of them, but feel free to check out their performances in the earlier Blog of Otis updates.

Weighing in at 14.2 pounds, today’s competitor is a scrappy young tabby from the streets.  After being swept up in The Capture and brought into The Promised Land by those that would become His Guardians, this feisty feline founded a formidable new movement.  I give you, the incomparable Leader Otis!

Otis 01

OK, it looks like The Leader is starting off on the cat tree and, OH MY! He has attempted a one-pawed grab but He came up far short. Let's see what he does next.

Otis 02

The Leader has dropped down one level on the cat tree and He has taken another one-pawed swipe. He used the left paw this time and connected, but was unable to hold on. Oh dear...

Otis 03

Relocating again, this time to the floor, Leader Otis now appears to be attempting to use His Kitty Fu moves to subdue the bird. Again He has connected, but again the bird slipped away.

Otis 04

Ummm…Uhhhh…I think The Leader has frozen. His leg is outstretched but He didn't attempt to grab the bird as it passed by this time. I…huh…I'm not sure what's going on…

Otis 05

Wait! The Leader has taken a new approach. He has now jumped up and attempted a two-pawed grab…but he missed by a wide margin...

Otis 06

The bird is passing by again, and again Leader Otis has swung and missed!

Otis 07

And again!

Otis 08

Oh no! Again!

Otis 09

He connects! And…nope, missed again…

Otis 10

Now Leader Otis is attempting to catch the bird in His mouth like Brother Henry did…but He missed…

Otis 11

Hold on! Yes! Leader Otis! You can do it! Hold on! Errrr…I mean Leader Otis is now up on His tippy toes and He has grasped the bird between His mighty front paws. Will He be able to hold on!?

Otis 12

He's doing it! He has pulled the bird down and He has repositioned His paws to given himself a better grip. His grip still looks tenuous though. Oh…I don't know if I can watch anymore!

Otis 13

Yes! Yes! Leader Otis has performed a back roll and He now has the bird in His jaws! He has secured it with a double-front leglock and He has brought His hind legs into kicking position in case the bird tries to give Him any resistance. There's His kill face and 1, 2, 3…It's over! It's all over! Thank the Guardians!

Whew!  What a stunning performance by Leader Otis.  His final time is…oh…ummm…His final time is a very impressive 2 minutes 14 seconds!  Please enter your scores for The Leader below.  The scores will be tallied and we will report back to you in a few days on the results!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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9 responses to “First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics: Final Day- Leader Otis

  1. 10 (bonus) points for effort :).

  2. Batya

    Bonus points to the photographers.

  3. oh my goodness I cannot stop laughing. Awesome journalism and photography, Brother Oliver!

  4. This has been a wonderful competition. I can’t wait to see the results, and the award ceremony. There are going to be medals, right?

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