First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics: Day 2- Brother Oliver

My Disciples,

After a strong effort by Brother Henry yesterday, our coverage of the First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics continues today with our second competitor.  Weighing in at 16.5 pounds, this clever kitty is also a major killa!  You know him as The Brains of The Cult of Otis, I give you The Wily Brother Oliver!

Oliver 01

Brother Oliver has gone the relatively safe route of starting on the floor and…WOW! Right out of the gate he is busting out some amazing Kitty Fu moves as the bird makes its first pass!

Oliver 02

It's a miss! As impressive as the Kitty Fu moves were Brother Oliver just couldn't bring down the bird. He's lost a little time, but he still has a chance to recover.

Oliver 03

Repositioning in front of the door Brother Oliver has fallen back on the traditional two-pawed grab. Unfortunately it looks like the bird is slipping free before he can bring it to his mouth.

Oliver 04

Oh My! Brother Oliver has just made a stunning leap back to the center of the room where he nabbed the bird by the head between his front paws! His grip looks solid! He may be able to finish it this time!

Oliver 05

Taking no chances, Brother Oliver is using the handler's line to guide his mouth down to the bird's head. Though not considered cheating, this will likely cost him a few points in the technique category.

Oliver 06

The bird's head is now in his mouth and he is putting on his kill face. Wait! It looks like he is trying to mimic Brother Henry's claw move from yesterday, but his claw has come up short!

Oliver 07

Missing the bit of extra claw flair that he was hoping for, Brother Oliver has now thrown everything he has into his most intense kill face! 1, 2, 3…it's over! It's all over!

After a few false starts Brother Oliver finally brought the bird down, and with quite an intense kill face if I do say so Myself.  His overall time was 27 seconds, giving him a 10 second advantage over Brother Henry.  When the final scores are tallied, the kitty with the best time will be awarded an extra 6 points and the second best time will earn an extra 3 points.  But today’s scores are up to you, My Disciples so please score Brother Oliver’s performance below.  If you need a reminder of what each category is for, please check yesterday’s blog for the rundown.  Tune in tomorrow for the third and final competitor in The First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics.  It will be none other than…well…Me!

So Sayeth Otis

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