First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics: Day 1- Brother Henry

My Disciples,

Welcome to the First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics.  For the next three days we will be brining you coverage of this thrilling display of kitty skill, kitty dexterity and, best of all, extreme kitty enrichment.

Since this is our inaugural year of the Catlympics, we are starting off with only a single event called The Bird Slayer.  More events may be added in the future if time and funding allows (the athletes are hoping to pick up big name sponsors for next year, but only time will tell.)

The object of The Bird Slayer event is for the competitor to capture and slay a simulated bird as quickly as possible.  To slay the bird, the competitors must hold it in their mouth while displaying their most intimidating “kill face” for at least three seconds.  Points are awarded not only on the time it takes to slay the bird, but also on technique and intensity of the killing face.  Bonus points may be awarded for kitties who add extra flair and/or execute more difficult techniques.

Without further ado, let’s get this competition started.  Our first contestant is The Mighty Brother Henry.  Widely known as The Muscle for The Cult of Otis, this tough tom is 17-pounds of Tabby Fury.  We’re expecting big things from this big boy here today.

Brother Henry 01

It looks like he has chosen to start off on the bench in front of the computer. He’s giving the bird handler the signal that he is ready to begin!

Henry 02

Wow! Brother Henry is off to a quick start with a one-pawed grab that snatched the simulated bird right out of mid-air. The judges are really going to be impressed with this high-difficulty move. He is bringing the bird to his mouth to initiate the kill.

Henry 03

He’s clamping down on the simulated bird’s head and putting on his kill face. This could be it!

Henry 04

Wait! The bird has slipped free of his jaws! Brother Henry is scrambling to reposition his paws to prevent it from escaping!

Henry 05

The bird is pulling free! Brother Henry is now digging in with his mighty claws trying frantically to regain control!

Henry 06

It’s no use! The bird has escaped! That’s going to cost Brother Henry some valuable time!

Henry 07

Brother Henry has now repositioned himself on the cat tree. It looks like he has now switched to a more traditional two-pawed attack.

Henry 08

Both paws at the ready, clearly Brother Henry does not intend to make the same mistake twice. Here comes the bird!

Henry 09

Oh my! He’s caught it right in his mouth! He didn’t even use his paws! But can he hold on!?

Henry 10

Yes! He’s done it! He has quickly repositioned the bird, clamped down on its head and put on his kill face! He has even extended one claw to pull some tension out of the bird handler’s line, a tricky move that’s sure to impress the judges. 1, 2, 3…it’s all over!

And there you have it.  He had a little bobble in the beginning but Brother Henry came back strong with a stunning capture and kill!  His overall time was 37 seconds.  Now it is up to you, My Disciples, to score his performance.  You may award up to 10 points in each of three categories.  Technique points are awarded based on the difficulty of the capture and the precision of execution.  Kill Face points are awarded based on how impressed you were by the contestant’s expression at the time of the kill.  Bonus points can be awarded for anything you wish!  So score away, and we will return with more of the competition tomorrow as Brother Oliver takes center stage!

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “First Annual Cult of Otis Catlympics: Day 1- Brother Henry

  1. It looks to me like Brother Henry is going for ‘The Pirate’ for style points.

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