If It’s Warm, Brother Henry Will Find It

My Disciples,

Brother Henry is not only The Muscle of The Cult of Otis, he is also kind of like a furry, heat seeking missile.  If there is a warm spot to be found, he will be the first to find it.  I am sometimes startled when I enter a room and find him laying in an unusual spot, but if I wait until he gets up and then check it out for Myself, nine times out of ten I discover that the spot is generating some kind of heat.  Yesterday I found him on top of the silver box that connects to the Guardians’ television.  He seemed very cozy and content.

Brother Henry sitting on a cable box.

Brother Henry seemed very happy sitting on top of the box that connects to the television.

Sure enough, when I investigated the box later, I discovered that it emanated a pleasing warmth.  So it’s great having Brother Henry around not only because he keeps Me safe, but also because he will boldly go where no cat has gone before in search of the best warm spots in the house.  All I have to do is follow his lead and I can spend less time searching for warm nap spots and more time napping in toasty bliss.

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “If It’s Warm, Brother Henry Will Find It

  1. Deedee

    A favorite spot in my house is on top of the power brick that connects to the laptop.

  2. thekreativekitty

    I mosly lie on the Great Pillow my mistress sleeps on when the sun goes out. It is next to the three clear things on the wall and the suns shines through very nicely, making the Great Pillow wonderfully warm.

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