Another Reminder From Brother Oliver

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver has given you this reminder before, but recent events in our backyard have led him to believe that he needs to remind everyone again.  In the past week he has witnessed Cookie, Mama Cat, Poppy and Domino all stop by and ask the Guardians if they can have a hug, so Brother Oliver would like to remind you to please hug your kitties if they need you to.

Brother Oliver being hugged by a Guardian

Some kitties need hugs sometimes. Please give your kitty a hug if they need it.

Brother Oliver also says that, although he prefers the full body “pick-me-up-and-hug”, some kitties want to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground while accepting hugs.  We are all individuals with our own preferences, so you might need to do a little hugsperimentation before you figure out exactly what your kitty likes.  Brother Oliver thanks you for your prompt attendance to this very important issue.

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “Another Reminder From Brother Oliver

  1. I hug my kitty a lot, she loves it 🙂 My previous kitty was a lot less cuddly – she still loved cuddles, but never being picked up and only on her terms, when she came to me. I respected that. Kitty cuddles are important. 🙂 Now I’m off to hug Pebby 🙂

  2. Excellent Observation, Oliver!
    At my house one kitty supervises the entry of all humans to the house. Passage into the house requires either a quick trip for kitty outdoors or a hug. Rain is the determining factor. The other two are always at their stations on the couch or the master bed. They aren’t as huggy, but do require ear-scratches on a regular basis.

    • Brother Henry, Leader Otis and I generally run and hide if any humans other than the Guardians enter the house, but sometimes we come back out if we sense that the humans are cat people. We only let the Guardians pick us up though!

      – Brother Oliver

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