Brother Henry Visits The Bad Place Again

My Disciples,

The other day I saw the Guardians getting out the portable kitty jail that they use to transport The Brothers and I to The Bad Place.  I immediately darted downstairs to take up residence in My safey-safe by the furnace.  Fortunately, the Guardians weren’t after Me.  They wanted Brother Henry.  Brother Henry had no idea what was happening until he found himself being placed inside the jail.  By then, it was too late.  Brother Henry is mighty, but no one can withstand the will of the Guardians.  I heard Brother Henry meowing in protest as he was carried out the door.  When he returned later on he told Me that he had continued to meow all the way to The Bad Place, but the Guardians refused to turn around and bring him home.

Brother Henry in a cat carrier in a car.

Brother Henry said he meowed all the way to The Bad Place, but the Guardians wouldn't turn around and bring him home.

I asked Brother Henry if he could recall in detail all that had happened to him at The Bad Place.  After his last visit there, I began to suspect that there may be more to The Bad Place than first meets the eye.  Brother Henry started off by telling Me that he was taken to the usual room with the bright lights and the high, smooth table.  The Guardians took him out of the kitty jail and began to pet and speak soothingly to him.  He said he was still afraid, but this made him feel a little better.

Brother Henry sitting on an examination table.

The Guardians took Brother Henry out of the kitty jail at The Bad Place. They began to pet and soothe him.

I asked him what happened next, and he hesitated for a moment.  He then said, “Ummmmm…I remember that after awhile the door opened and people I didn’t know came in.  I looked up at them and tried to figure out if they were coming in to attack me or do something else.  I was frightened, but I knew the Guardians wouldn’t let them hurt me.  Still, the Guardians had brought me to The Bad Place, so they might not have been in their right minds at the time…”

Brother Henry looking up, concerned.

Strangers entered the room and Brother Henry tried to figure out if they were a threat. He was frightened, but the Guardians were there with him...although he questioned their sanity.

I prodded him to go on, but he said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  When I asked him why he asked Me, “Have you ever had anyone at The Bad Place do something to you that is called ‘taking your temp-sure’?”  My eyes widened as a deeply suppressed memory from My last visit to The Bad Place tried to force its way into my consciousness.  I don’t know why, but at that moment I no longer wished to discuss what Brother Henry had experienced in The Bad Place.  We both decided to go hit the food bowl for a snack, but as we headed off in that direction, both of us were walking slightly more stiff-legged than we usually do.

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “Brother Henry Visits The Bad Place Again

  1. Batya

    Sympathize with Brother Henry’s ordeal. Think of it as tough love–kitties gotta have check-ups. But research should be able to come up with a better way to check temp-sure.

  2. I hope all is well with Brother Henry.

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