Deadly Encounter Part III: Brother Henry Saves the Day

My Disciples,

When we last left off, Brother Oliver was locked in a life-and-death struggle with the deadly Black-headed Venom Viper.  The viper had knocked Brother Oliver on his back and was attempting to go for his jugular.  I had rushed in to help, but I didn’t know how to do that without potentially putting Brother Oliver in even greater danger.  Before I had a chance to act, I heard a mighty “Whump!” sound and the body of the venom viper went suddenly stiff.  I looked to My right and saw Brother Henry with his huge paw pressing down in the middle of the venom viper’s back.  He had struck the snake a powerful blow on the spine.  The shock of the blow had momentarily stunned the viper.  Brother Oliver saw his chance and rolled clear.

Brother Henry stuns the venom viper.

With a mighty blow from his paw, Brother Henry stunned the venom viper and allowed Brother Oliver to roll clear.

Once Brother Oliver was clear, things happened quickly.  With a quick flick of his paw, Brother Henry jerked the body of the venom viper toward him and grabbed its head in his powerful jaws.

Brother Henry grabs the venom viper by the head.

Brother Henry flicked his paw, jerking the deadly venom viper toward him so he could grab the head in his jaws.

With amazing speed and dexterity, Brother Henry repositioned the snake for the killing blow.  He gripped the body between his paws, closed his vice-like jaws on the venom viper’s head and quickly pulled upward.  There was a sickening noise as the viper’s head was separated from its body.

Brother Henry finishes off the venom viper

With amazing speed and dexterity, Brother Henry positioned the viper for the killing blow.

Brother Henry spat the viper’s black head away and then batted the body away to his right.  It came to rest at Brother Oliver’s feet.  Brother Oliver and I were both amazed by what we had just seen, but Brother Henry seemed completely unfazed by the ordeal.  He got up and headed off in the direction of our food bowls, and I followed him to bask in his post-battle glory.

Brother Oliver with the defeated snake.

When Brother Henry batted the lifeless snake away, it came to rest at Brother Oliver's feet.

As Brother Henry and I left the living room, I heard Brother Oliver say, “Hmmm…no blood.  You know, this thing just looks like a rope with the ends burnt!”  “That’s right!”  I said, “That venom viper didn’t know who he was messing with, and now he’s just a rope with the ends burnt!”  Brother Henry and I continued on to the food bowls to enjoy a victory snack while Brother Oliver stayed behind to gloat over our vanquished foe.

So Sayeth Otis

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3 responses to “Deadly Encounter Part III: Brother Henry Saves the Day

  1. Dear Otis, I think I’ve found an apprentice for Brother Henry. Our kitten, Griffon, just killed a viper in our house! I hope it’s not an epidemic! I’ll try and send a picture.

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