Zephyr Found The Catnip

My Disciples,

Yesterday I looked out the window and spotted Zephyr, one of the Limbo kitties from next door, sitting on a makeshift table that the Guardians had set up in the yard.  There is a little pot on the table in which the Guardians are growing catnip, and it looked like Zephyr had just discovered it.  He sat in front of it and looked around as if he was nervous that someone was watching him.  I ducked down a bit so he couldn’t see Me.

Zephyr sitting in front of a pot growing catnip.

Zephyr had found the catnip. He looked around to make sure he wasn't being watched.

Satisfied that he wasn’t being watched, Zephyr began to rub his head all over the catnip plant.  I was just a little bit jealous because I hoped the Guardians would bring that catnip inside for Me to enjoy, but I decided that Zephyr has so much hardship in his life as a Limbo kitty that he really deserved to experience a little joy.

Zephyr rubbing his head on the catnip plant.

Zephyr began to rub his head all over the catnip plant. I wanted to do that too, but Zephyr probably needed it more.

After covering his head with catnippy goodness, Zephyr buried his face in the plant.  I couldn’t tell whether he was eating or just sniffing, but either way it seemed to make him feel really good.

Zephyr with his face buried in the catnip plant.

Zephyr buried his face in the catnip plant. He seemed to really enjoy it.

Watching Zephyr made Me feel really good that he was able to find a moment to relax and forget about the dangers of his life in Limbo, if even just for a moment.  It also made me really want catnip!  So I left him to enjoy himself in solitude while I sought out the Guardians to demand a little treat of My own.  After all, even well-protected kitties can benefit from a little catnip now and then.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Zephyr Found The Catnip

  1. Dearest Otis, you are so benevolent and generous to share your treasures with one in need. Zephyr is quite fortunate to reside next to you, even if it not the ideal situation. He is also quite handsome….

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