Mama Cat Deserves A Better, Safer, Bed

My Disciples,

I became very sad yesterday when I went to My Outdoor Domain and saw Mama cat laying on the cement near her garage.  I asked her why she was laying there and she said her guardians had locked her outside again for the day and she didn’t have any beds outside.  She said that she decided to lay on the cement by her garage because that way she had a fence on two sides of her and the wall of the garage on the other.  She was afraid that the neighbor Limbo kitty named Zephyr would try to attack her while she napped, and she wanted to have the best possible chance of seeing him coming.

Mama Cat laying on the cement next to a garage.

Mama cat was locked outside. She didn't have an outside bed and she was afraid of being attacked by other cats while she slept.

This was unacceptable to Me, so I meowed for the Guardians to come and do something about it.  They came outside with a shallow box that was lined with comfy, fluffy towels.  they placed it in our backyard near the chairs that they like to sit on just outside My Outdoor Domain.  Mama cat was very excited and ran to the box immediately.  The Guardians even kept an eye out for Zephyr while she slept, so she could get her much needed rest.  I am very pleased by the Guardians’ actions, but I sure wish Mama cat’s own guardians would provide her with what she needs.  After all, that’s what every kitty really wants, and that’s what every kitty deserves.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Mama Cat Deserves A Better, Safer, Bed

  1. 2 cats

    mama cat is beautiful
    maybe your guardians could set up an outside cabin for her to visit?

  2. oh c´mon! why people have pets if they don´t think to care them properly? this kind of news make me very, very sad :[ poor Mama cat, she is lucky to get you as friend.

  3. Poor Mama! She’s so pretty.

  4. I’m stressed out about my cat, but at least she’s safe and warm. Ugh. Poor Mama cat. You have wonderful Guardians ❤

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