Bleah! I Should Have Listened to Brother Henry…

My Disciples,

Last night Brother Henry and I were on night watch in My Outdoor Domain.  When we are on night watch, we basically sit in My Outdoor Domain and watch for things.  Oh, and also, it is at night.  Sometimes we see things like Raccoons or other cats that we pretend are Raccoons.  Once we even saw a shadowy figure moving through the alleyway that was probably a bear.  At first I thought it might just be a person because it was walking on two legs, but then Brother Henry reminded Me that bears can also stand up on two legs.  Plus, it really smelled like a bear so we decided that it must have been one.  Anyway, last night was kind of slow on night watch.  After being out there for some time without seeing much, I looked up and noticed a large moth flying around the light above us.  I decided I would try to catch and eat it.

Otis looking up at something.

I looked up and spotted a moth. I decided to try to catch and eat it.

When I told Brother Henry My plan he told Me I shouldn’t bother.  He said that he had caught a big moth like that before and ate it.  He said it was all hairy and powdery and tasted nasty!  I know Brother Henry would never lie to Me, but I kind of doubted that he had eaten a moth like this one.  After all, it looked so big and juicy, how could it possibly be nasty?  I decided he must have eaten something else and just remembered it wrong.  As Brother Henry continued to peer out into the darkness, I set My sights on the moth and waited for My opportunity.  When the moth momentarily dropped within My reach, I jumped up and caught it in mid-air between My paws.  I quickly popped it into My mouth and began to chew and…YUCK!

Otis sitting down with his tongue hanging out.

I caught and ate the moth and...well...I should have listened to Brother Henry.

I can’t really describe how awful it was eating that moth.  It was a little package of nasty that I just couldn’t seem to get off My tongue.  As Brother Henry had said, it was definitely hairy and powdery.  As I sat there in disgust after eating the moth, Brother Henry, without even turning around to look at Me, said, “Told you so…”.  Then, before I could even reply he exclaimed, “Hey!  There goes the bear again!”  I quickly forgot about the lingering awfulness on My tongue and jumped up to join Brother Henry at the edge of My Outdoor Domain.  Sure enough, we saw the shadow of the bear moving through the alleyway, and this time he even let out a ferocious roar…that sounded a little bit like a large belch.  Not quite how I expected a bear to sound, but exciting none-the-less.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Bleah! I Should Have Listened to Brother Henry…

  1. Oh Otis … those hairy, powdery ones are the worstest … the smaller ones on the other hand, may be harder to catch, but they are much juicier.

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