Brother Oliver’s Photography Continues

My Disciples,

Ever since Brother Henry made his discovery about the “Awesome Fotos/Mediocre Fotos” switch on the camera, Brother Oliver has been hard at work trying to create his next masterpiece.  I must say I was somewhat flattered when he told Me that he would like Me to be the model for the first shot in this new phase of his work.  He said he wanted to make the image as natural as possible though, so rather than having Me pose he has just been dragging the camera around for the past week or so and trying to capture images of Me when the opportunity arises.  This morning he told Me that he has finally captured “the one” and he would like to unveil this new image here on The Blog of Otis.  I agreed to allow it.  Below is the description of the photo in Brother Oliver’s own words followed by the photo itself.

Artist’s Statement

The recent discovery by Brother Henry of a switch on my camera that changes the mode from “mediocre fotos” to “awesome fotos” has really helped me take my work to the next level.  I was so excited by this discovery that I felt it was time to point my lens at a truly remarkable subject, none other than The Leader Himself.  But I didn’t want just any photo.  I wanted a photo of the real Leader as Brother Henry and I see Him every day.  I wanted to show his strength and his calm, cool demeanor.  I also wanted to capture the lighter side of this often serious spiritual leader.  Without further ado, I bring you  “The True Leader”!

The True Leader

The True Leader, By Brother Oliver

Ummmm…well.  As is often the case with Brother Oliver’s work, I am speechless.  He followed Me around night and day for over a week.  I lost count of how many photos he took of Me, and this is the one he was looking for?  OK.  My Disciples, if you will excuse Me, I think I need to go have a chat with My High Priest…

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Photography Continues

  1. 2 cats

    Brother Oliver is a brilliant photographer!

    and Otis is a natural model, this is a pose often exhibited by my 2 cats

  2. What a great shot! Sometimes, it takes many shots to get that one great one, eh? 🙂

  3. Truly stunning tongue curl. And the way you’ve positioned your whiskers to highlight the wide open jaw line is awesome. Well done.

  4. … and the keen focus in those beautiful green eyes …

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