Down From The Mountain

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday I had climbed to the highest point in My Inner Domain to embrace My inner Snow Leopard.  I was waiting for prey to come along so I could make a powerful and graceful pounce to capture it.  Well, I ended up waiting up there all night but apparently prey is scarce around these parts.  At one point I thought I saw an antelope, but I was so high up it was kind of hard to tell (do antelope have eight legs?).  Anyway, I didn’t want to mistakenly pounce on something that wasn’t really prey, so I just continued to wait on My high perch for a more positively ID’d target.

Otis on top of a cabinet.

I waited all night for prey to come by so I could pounce. I didn't see any.

I finally decided that maybe the Guardians weren’t going to come and get Me down…errrr…I mean that maybe no prey was going to come by so I could pounce.  I was getting pretty hungry, and I could hear the Guardians preparing My breakfast upstairs.  Since I could totally jump down any time I wanted I decided that now was as good a time as any.  I crept to the edge of My perch and prepared Myself.

Otis preparing to jump down.

I decided it was time to get down. I crept to the edge of My perch and prepared to jump.

I didn’t really remember climbing up quite so far.  I decided that while I was waiting for prey up on My high perch someone must have come along and lowered the floor below Me.  Still, being part Snow Leopard, I was completely capable of jumping down even from this incredible height.  It would be no problem at all…nope, no problem.  I waited for about half an hour just so I could ponder how much the jump in front of Me was not a problem.  Then I remembered the time I had made the Leap of Faith.  That was a longer leap than the one in front of Me, and I had made it without even coming close to dying.  So I could probably…errr…I mean definitely jump down from this perch without any difficulty at all.  I took a deep breath, closed My eyes and jumped.

Otis jumping down to shelf.

I took a deep breath, closed My eyes and jumped.

As I already knew, jumping down was no problem at all.  Strangely, I thought I heard a kitty scream as I was sailing through the air.  It sounded like it was very close by, but no one else was in the room.  It must have been My imagination.  After landing on a slightly lower perch below Me, I quickly ran over to where I could jump down to a chair and then the floor…not because I was in any hurry to get down to lower ground or anything.  We Snow Leopards love it up high.  Nope, I just thought I should get down to the floor as quickly as possible so I could get upstairs to breakfast where I was sure the Guardians were expecting Me.

Otis jumping down to chair.

I hurried to make My way to the ground...which was a shame because I love it up high My being part Snow Leopard and all.

Once I got back on the ground I decided that maybe it would be fine if I just hung out there for awhile.  I mean, the Guardians wouldn’t worry too badly if I didn’t come to breakfast right away, and the carpet felt very nice on my paws.  I had just made two tremendous leaps that non-part Snow Leopard kitties could never have made, so taking a rest just made sense.  Sure, I was eager to go climb the stairs up to the kitchen because we Snow Leopards love climbing and being up high more than anything, but we need to take care of ourselves too, you know?

Otis sitting on the ground looking a bit off.

I really wanted to get back up high quickly because that's what My Snow Leopard genes demand, but there's nothing wrong with taking it easy on the ground once in awhile, is there?

Yeah, it’s pretty cool being part Snow Leopard, and I just can’t wait to get back up there in the highlands and stalk some more prey.  Hmmmm…but maybe I’ll just stay down here in the lowlands for a few days because then I will appreciate getting back up on the mountain even more.  Yep.  That’s what I think I’ll do.  Hmmmm…I wonder if I can meow loudly enough to get one of the Guardians to bring My breakfast down here.  If you’ll excuse Me, I’m going to give it a try.

So Sayeth Otis

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2 responses to “Down From The Mountain

  1. Waterbug, companion to Chris

    Leader Otis you are an athletic part Snow Leopard god!

    Buggy, companion to Chris

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