I Am The Mighty Snow Leopard!

My Disciples,

Last night the Guardians were watching something on the TV about a big cat that lives way up in the mountains.  It was kind of grayish and spotted, and I noticed that its color was not all that different than mine.  It was called a Snow Leopard, and since I am kind of the same color, I realized that I am probably part Snow Leopard!  I mean, I know My parents were a long-haired feral cat and a short-haired feral cat, but who’s to say that one of their parents wasn’t a Snow Leopard?  I never met My grandparents and perhaps that is because they live way up in the mountains!  Anyway, I decided that today I would try to explore this newly discovered facet of Myself by climbing up to the highest point that I could find in My Indoor Domain.

Otis the Mighty Snow Leopard

I am the mighty Snow Leopard! I shall sit on this high peak and wait for prey to pass below Me.

Yes.  Being up high just feels right.  I am certain I am part Snow Leopard.  I shall sit up here on this cupboard…errr, I mean…mountain peak and wait for prey to pass by below Me.  When that happens I shall pounce.  Well…maybe I will pounce.  Actually, it kind of looks like a long way down.  I’m feeling a little nervous about pouncing from this height.  Hmmmm…how did I get up here again?  Not to worry, I’m sure My Snow Leopard instincts will kick in and I will be back on the ground in no time.  Any minute now.  Just waiting for those instincts to kick in…<gulp>

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “I Am The Mighty Snow Leopard!

  1. You are such a large, um, magnificent, specimen of a snow leopard Otis, are you sure that rock ledge is stable?

  2. Um. how the sam heck did you get up there, Mr. Snow Leopard? WOW…

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