The Leader is Feeling Better

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry

Brother Henry

Brother Henry here.  It’s been a bit rough around here for the past 24 hours, but I think The Leader is finally starting to feel better.  He was so shaken up by seeing that lost cat poster with His name on it that He hid by the furnace for almost 10 hours.  I stayed with Him the whole time trying to convince Him that He could not be both lost and hiding by the furnace at the same time.  I think I finally got through to Him at about the same time one of the Guardians came home from work.  He was still pretty scared though, so as soon as the Guardian sat down, Leader Otis jumped up on her lap and held on to her leg for comfort.

Otis sitting on the leg of a Guardian looking upset.

As soon as a Guardian came home, Leader Otis jumped on her lap and stayed there.

Leader Otis stayed on the Guardian’s lap all night.  The other Guardian came home and sat down on the couch as well.  Leader Otis stared at him while sitting on the other Guardian’s lap.  I asked Him what He was doing and He simply said, “I’m making sure that they don’t lose Me.”

At around midnight the Guardians convinced The Leader that we all needed to get some sleep.  They carried Him to the bed and gave Him a nice brushing which seemed to calm Him down.  This morning He is tired, but He seems to be returning to normal.  I heard Him purring loudly but with a somber look on His face just a few minutes ago.  I asked what He was doing and He said, “I’m purring for that poor, lost kitty with the same name as Me.”  Yeah.  I think He’s going to be just fine.

So Says Brother Henry

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4 responses to “The Leader is Feeling Better

  1. Waterbug, companion to Chris

    I and my Guardian have been purring for the lost Otis too. I’m so glad Leader Otis is doing better.

    Waterbuggy, companion to Chris

  2. Brothers Henry and Oliver, you are the most loyal of friends and companions. How would Otis manage without you two?

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