Otis is Lost!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver here.  First of all let me just say that I am sorry if the title of this blog entry shocked you.  Otis is lost, but not The Leader Otis.  You see, Disciple of Otis Chris emailed a photo of a lost cat poster to The Leader and by coincidence the lost cat’s name is Otis.  Also by coincidence, the Otis that is lost looks somewhat like The Leader Himself.  When Leader Otis opened the email and looked at the photo, well…He kind of freaked out.  He ran down to His hiding spot by the furnace in the basement and just started yelling, “Help!  I’m lost!  I’m lost!”  Brother Henry is down there right now trying to calm Him down.

A lost cat poster for a cat named Otis.

Otis is lost, but not The Leader Otis. I purr that this poor kitty with the name of The Leader is safe.

So again, I’m sorry if the title scared or shocked you.  The Guardians of Otis have The Leader’s safety well under control here and there is no reason to fear that He will go missing.  Hmmm…although I guess His sanity is kind of missing at the moment…but again, Brother Henry is on the case and I think he will be able to convince Leader Otis very soon that He is not, in fact, missing.  In the meantime I hope you will all purr both for the Otis that is lost and The Leader Otis as He struggles with this unexpected shock.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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5 responses to “Otis is Lost!

  1. Waterbug, companion to Chris

    Poor Leader Otis! I hope he recovers quickly. My guardians see a lot of Waterbuggy look-alikes, although none with the same name.

    Waterbug, companion to Chris

  2. Gosh, I was really worried there for a moment. Well, I guess I’m still worried. Since I don’t actually know either Otis, I would be equally worried regardless of which one was lost. Hope Otis #2 finds his way home!

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