My Bed is Better Than Brother Oliver’s Bed

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver walked into the living room yesterday and I heard him exclaim, “Wow!”  Then I heard some weird rustling noises followed by a very contented sigh.  I walked into the living room to find Brother Oliver curled up on one of the weird poofy things that the Guardians sometimes drag out before they go away for a day or two.  Brother Oliver was rolling around on the thing and making sounds like, “oooooooh….aaaahhhhhh!”  I think he was trying to make it seem like it was really comfortable or something.  Maybe he thought I would be jealous and want to lay on it.  I wasn’t, of course!

Brother Oliver laying on a sleeping bag.

Brother Oliver was pretending like he had found the most wonderful bed in the world. I didn't believe him though.

I told Brother Oliver that he was obviously only pretending that the bed was really great.  I told him that it couldn’t really be that comfortable.  I even told him that if he got off of the bed immediately I would have no interest what-so-ever in trying it Myself.  Seriously.  It looked sooooo uncomfortable.  He refused to get up though because he knew that I wasn’t going to try the bed and then he’d look ridiculous for acting like it was so great when, clearly, it wasn’t.

So I decided to find My own new bed that really was comfortable.  It didn’t take long.  I found a wonderful bed nearby under the cat tree that has drawers.  Ahhhh yes, now this was a real bed.

Otis and Oliver in their beds

My new bed was clearly superior to Brother Oliver's. Wow! Soooooo comfy.

I really couldn’t believe how comfortable the new bed I had found was.  I mean, it was absolutely amazing.  Since I totally wasn’t jealous of Brother Oliver’s bed and I didn’t want to lay in it at all, I told Brother Oliver that I would be happy to let him try out My new bed so he could see what a comfortable bed actually feels like.

Otis wedged under a chest of drawers.

I offered Brother Oliver the opportunity to try out My comfy new bed so he could feel what real comfort is.

Brother Oliver refused to accept My very generous offer claiming that he felt just fine where he was.  Hah!  Some kitties just don’t know what they’re missing.

So Sayeth Otis

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