Returning the Favor

My Disciples,

So, it turns out that the Guardians did not buy The Brothers and I the new trough-like bowl that I mentioned yesterday because they think we’re pigs.  Brother Oliver overheard the Guardians talking, and I guess they just noticed that when we all tried to eat from our old, round bowl at the same time we were often bumping heads with one another.  The new, long bowl allows us to all snack at the same time without difficulty.  I was so touched when Brother Oliver told me about this that I thought The Brothers and I should do something nice for the Guardians in return.  Since we don’t really have any money and we can’t leave the house to buy anything, I decided that we could repay the favor by watching out for the Guardians’ safety the way they watch out for ours.  When I spotted one of the Guardians on the couch I put My plan into action.  I ordered The Brothers to help Me form a defensive perimeter around the Guardian so she would be safe from attack while she was relaxing.

Brothers Henry and Oliver, and Leader Otis lay on the couch surrounding a Guardian of Otis.

To repay the Guardians' thoughtfulness and kindness, The Brothers and I decided to watch out for their safety like they watch out for ours.

I think our presence really made the Guardian feel secure while she was sitting on the couch.  Not only was there no way anything could attack her under our watchful presence, she was also unable to get up from the couch and walk around.  That meant she would not trip and fall and hurt herself so she was doubly safe!  Although we were only physically protecting one of the Guardians, I think the second Guardian appreciated it as well because he laughed and smiled when he saw us.  I bet he was just relieved to see that his fellow Guardian was safe and sound.  The Brothers and I were very pleased that our gesture did not go unappreciated.

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “Returning the Favor

  1. What lucky guardians to have such appreciative cats watching over them!

  2. You all are so selfless! The sacrifices you make to ensure your Guardian cannot get up and move. How can they not appreciate it?

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